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Why Every Sports Fan Needs An IPTV Box

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Watching Your favourite sports games has never been so easy thanks to IPTV channels. Live streaming football games give customers the opportunity to watch their favourite matches from the comfort of their own home.

From the premiership to La Liga, DTV gives users the best football channels available from across Europe and the world. So, how does IPTV work? Here is your complete guide to living streaming football.

How IPTV Works

Firstly,  there are three types of IPTV and chances are, you are probably already using at least one of them. The most well-known type of IPTV is a video on demand (VOD). VOD covers applications such as Netflix and Amazon Prime, where customers can log in and watch television problems where and whenever they choose. These platforms usually have a catalogue of quality programmes for their users to enjoy, however, this is pre-recorded content.

You may not realise it, but IPTV is used by millions across the world, as some of the world’s most recognisable TV networks, such as the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) stream their programmes this way. Using BBC Iplayer as an example, the network adds content onto their website. From their users can catch up with their favourite television programmes either at home or on the go.

Why Every Sports Fan Needs An IPTV Box

The way users can invest in IPTV is through live streaming. This method works particularly well for those who want to watch live events like football and sports tournaments.  For this users will need an IPTV box from DTV. Once your box has been delivered, the set-up process is fairly easy.. Installation usually takes around 10 minutes and from there, users can plug in and play.

This is extremely beneficial for those who watch television on multiple platforms as content can be streamed via, tablets, laptops or computers, through a web browser. If you prefer to watch your events on a bigger screen, you can then connect the stream to your television using an HDMI cable.

How To Stream Live Sports

DTV gives users access to sports channels such as Eurosport 1 and La Liga. Every user has access to the same package, therefore, no matter what channel you want to view, you can get access to them live, 24/7.

The channels which are listed on the DTV website are available to users after internet TV box has been set up and their payment has been received. Having a live sport stream is both cheap and easy to use as there is no installation fee or interference from installers.


Cost Effect IPTV

If you are looking fo a service which is reasonably priced, DT is extremely reasonable. DTV offer their customers a one-off payment for just £80, users can then choose from a range of subscription options from one day to one year:

  • 1 day – £1
  • 1 month – £10
  • 3 months – £20
  • 6 months – £30
  • 12 months – £50

As mentioned, all of the packages above include all the channels, meaning that when you go to watch the channel of your choice, you will not need to call up to have it added to your package. Another benefit of having IPTV Box is that channels are constantly being added, giving viewers a wider option of sports channels and events.

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